Dominic Thiem’s ass distracts us again

Dominic Thiem is a top ranked tennis player from Austria who won his first Grand Slam title, The US Open, earlier this year. However, one might say it is his assets off the tennis court that continue to get my attention.

Back in 2017 my post Dominic Thiem butt distracts TV commentators got a lot of attention from readers so I’m assuming that the photos of Thiem’s lime green derriere as shared by the Instagram atpdudes will have a similar affect on my readers and possibly result in creating a few more tennis fans.

2 responses to “Dominic Thiem’s ass distracts us again

  1. OH MY GOD! My fondness for wonderful hard buttocks makes me see a truly impressive license plate (as if it were a car license plate) in this case.
    I googled pictures of the owner of such anal perfection because I didn’t know him and actually I swear I am madly in love with this man and his two beautiful buttocks.


  2. You are correct. His big, beautiful butt is perfect. He looks so sexy in that lime green underwear.



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