Dominic Thiem butt distracts TV commentators

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Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem has more than just a great tennis game

ATP Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem is ranked number 9 in the world, but the commentators for his match in the Barcelona Open clearly rank certain ASSets of his as the best in the world. Should Rafa Nadal be worried (another tennis player famous for his large backside)?

One commentator said, “He’s got a nice, strong, big ‘tookus’!”, and his compliments didn’t stop there, adding, “I’m not even joking. The butt is a huge source of power, and he’s so strong in his base. He’s so strong, and it’s a huge origin of his power”.

No comment other than to say you can be the judge – follow the link below to the article on that initially reported the story. Wouldn’t sports be far more interesting if we could have this commentator here in the US?

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Attitude Mag’s full story on Dominic Thiem’s “powerful” butt here

6 responses to “Dominic Thiem butt distracts TV commentators

  1. Why is the left side so much more pronounced?


  2. David Foulaze

    Very nice bubble BUTT Dominic…mmmm..i liked!!


  3. It is a wonderful WONDER to behold!


  4. You don’t have to wish for him to be here in the US. Justin Gimelstob, the commentator, is a retired American tennis player who works for the US based Tennis Channel.


  5. If you’re going to wear white, wear it on the inside AND the outside. 😉


  6. I wanna explore the origin of his power.



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