Rafael Nadal gets cheeky

Hilfiger, Rafa, Rafael Nadal, TennisJust in time for the US Open, former number 1 tennis pro Rafael Nadal is in a new underwear campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. While I’m not a fan of Hilfiger, I do think quite a lot of Nadal’s assets.

I will always love Rafael Nadal, but if you liked this post, you’ll probably want to check out my more recent post, Dominic Thiem’s ass distracts us again. Similar theme, different player.

4 responses to “Rafael Nadal gets cheeky

  1. He is so hot, damn would love to play naked tennis and naked anything else with him!


  2. First, my fellow Latino looks stunning!

    Second, I can honestly say that I have never wanted to be a towel before!

    And third, I AM having a Psychic Vision of buying more Tommy Hilfiger underwear in my future!

    Thank you, BosGuy.


  3. He has a nice little swagger. Not cocky. Just right.


  4. It cuts out just at the best bit. That’s the story of my life.



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