Hard DecisionsLocal boy, James Cerne, who moved to Los Angeles but you may know from his DJ’ing days here in Boston or his role in Ryan Landry’s Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oberon back in the fall of 2011 is now part of a gay-themed, choose-your-own-adventure movie coming to YouTube called HARD DECISIONS.

HARD DECISIONS follows Brandon and his friends as they decide what to do with their afternoon. Each decision will lead the viewer to another segment to continue the story. The viewer can then go back and see what might have happened if Brandon made decisions differently.  Too bad life didn’t work that way.

2 responses to “James Cerne in HARD DECISIONS

  1. Really sounds like a cool concept. Will definitely follow this hunky hard guy and his mates exploits.


  2. Oh, the man looks HARD, but what I could do with him is certainly an EASY decision!

    I do believe brunch has been served!



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