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NEW: Gay Kickball League comes to Boston

gay Boston, Keith LondonBoston is one of six cities that will join an emerging gay kickball league started by Keith London. If this sounds interesting to you then check out the America’s Finest Kickball League Facebook page or you can visit their website at www.GayKickball.com.

A pick up game has been organized next month on Sunday, August 13th at 11:00am at Joe Moakley Field in Boston. The inaugural season of America’s Finest Kickball League in Boston will start September 17th – currently there are eight teams signed up. For more information, contact Keith via Facebook.

All are welcome

Come & Scrum with Boston Ironsides Rugby Club

Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club, ProvincetownJust in time for Bear Week, The Boston Ironsides Rugby Club will host a fundraiser at Harbor Lounge (located at 359 Commercial Street) in Provincetown. This year’s event comes with some new twists.

There is no cover for this event, so bring your friends and stop by to enjoy a fun afternoon full of surprises, knowing that proceeds raised at this event will benefit the Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club that is part of NERFU (New England Rugby Football Union) and IGR (International Gay Rugby).

For more information about this fantastic group of guys and the event in Provincetown on Wednesday, July 12th from 12 – 3PM check out their event page, Come & Scrum.

Julian Edelman and ESPN’s Body Issue

ESPN’s “Body Issue” raises a lot of eyebrows each year, but the photo of New England Patriot, Julian Edelman, (shown below), which has been making the rounds on the Internet has half of Boston drooling.

The likable wide receiver (no double entendre intended) that is actually a legit position in football, quads are so crazy strong I can’t stop looking at them. This is a man who has obviously never owned a pair of skinny jeans.

Tennis crush: Márton Fucsovics

mancandy, handsome, hunk, tennisI’ve been watching the French Open since the tournament started but I’ll likely miss the biggest matches of the tournament since Sergio and I will be traveling. This year’s tournament has had some amazing matches and some even more dazzling players. Like this Hungarian player, Márton Fucsovics who is currently ranked 148th in the world. Hopefully he can improve his game because I’d love to see more of him on the courts.

How do you say, “More, Please” in Hungarian?

Gay Bowl XVII comes to Boston Oct. 5-8, 2017

gay boston, gay flag football

Gay Bowl XVII Boston || October 5-8, 2017

This past Saturday night, Boston’s LGBT Flag Football group announced at their annual spring awards banquet that the New England Patriots will be a sponsor of the Gay Bowl 17 and the announcement was confirmed by Outsports. 

The Gay Bowl is the national LGBT flag football tournament, put on every Columbus Day weekend by the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL). For more information visit the website Gay Bowl XVII.

One thing I have to say about Boston’s Flag Football group is that they know how to have a lot of fun. I always like their videos like this most recent compilation. If you would like to learn more about this Boston gay inclusive sports league, visit their Facebook page, here

Caption this photo

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Each Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption.  Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own.

A  face only a mother could love

Dominic Thiem butt distracts TV commentators

tennis, hunk, handsome

Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem has more than just a great tennis game

ATP Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem is ranked number 9 in the world, but the commentators for his match in the Barcelona Open clearly rank certain ASSets of his as the best in the world. Should Rafa Nadal be worried (another tennis player famous for his large backside)?

One commentator said, “He’s got a nice, strong, big ‘tookus’!”, and his compliments didn’t stop there, adding, “I’m not even joking. The butt is a huge source of power, and he’s so strong in his base. He’s so strong, and it’s a huge origin of his power”.

No comment other than to say you can be the judge – follow the link below to the article on attitude.co.uk that initially reported the story. Wouldn’t sports be far more interesting if we could have this commentator here in the US?

tennis, underwear

Attitude Mag’s full story on Dominic Thiem’s “powerful” butt here