Jack Repetti owner of The Eagle has passed

Thousands of gay men have been served a drink along with a sly or sarcastic comment from Jack Repetti. The former owner and operator of the Eagle (a.k.a. The Dirty Bird) from 1981 to March 2020, was a fixture in Boston’s LGBTQ community. The Eagle closed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic and a year later was put on the market. It recently reopened under new ownership as The Kartal (Turkish for Eagle) and the owners who were friends of Jack would like to host a memorial in his honor.

Remembering Jack
Tuesday, Dec 6th 6PM-8PM
The Kartal (formerly The Eagle)

For those who would like to remember acerbic bartender, The Kartal will be hosting a gathering on Tuesday, December 6th from 6PM – 8PM. A memory book will be available to share stories about Jack and the bar where most every gay man in Boston ended up late on any given Friday or Saturday night. People are encourged to bring photos of Jack to add to the book.

3 responses to “Jack Repetti owner of The Eagle has passed

  1. while attending the bear party in Cologne, Germany meeting all kinds of new people. when asked where I was from, I proudly stated Boston, MA. to which I got the question “do you know Jack the bar tender from the eagle” I giggled to myself and with a grin I said of course I know Jack!!!! you were international baby


  2. I hope he was very happy in this earthly world and that now he takes care of us and sends us happy moments from heaven where he is probably right now. ❤️


    • The last of the classic Boston gay scene. I have moved on to Eagle Providence, currently the best gay bar in New England. I did hear Manray finally reopened in the new location they had been working on, it can’t be anything like the good days of Manray Thursday nights.



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