Vintage gay

It is the middle of winter here in Boston so these beach photos from what looks like the 1950s, makes me really miss the summer and spending lazy days at the beach with Sergio.

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4 responses to “Vintage gay

  1. These images are so touching, at the moment seemingly just the slightest embrace or show of masculine affection sets me off into floods of tears, these are beautiful. I would love to be as loving and loved as other guys, even in these enlightened times, I’m uneasy if I come out as gay as to the reaction.


    • Sorry to read that Bob. I don’t know where you live or who the people are in your life but take heart that there are many people who have no issue with someone’s sexual orientation and there are many resources to help the LGBTQ community connect. I’d encourage you to find a support group or someone you can talk to help you process these feelings.

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      • Bless you BosGuy….I am at an age in life where I really should have learnt by now not to let it get to me, but it still hurts when I hear bad and hurtful comments, often by work folk I have long considered friends. That aside I thank for for this brilliant blog, it is such a joy to view. Regards to you and all on this lovely site.
        Bob from the UK


  2. Parsley and Stone Realtors, St. Petersburg. Vintage matchbook seen here:



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