A (New) Boston Pride returns June 10, 2023

On Thursday this week, the newly formed organization, Boston Pride for the People, announced that the Boston Pride parade and festival will return on Saturday June 10th. The celebrtions will take place on the Boston Common and at City Hall Plaza with additional activities planned for the preceding week and throughout the month of June.

More details will follow in the weeks / months to come but the organization is looking for volunteers and has put out a call to ask for interested members of the community to visit, bostonprideforthepeople.org, to learn more.

You can also follow this organization on social media. Like their Facebook page, follow their Instagram page, and keep up with the latest news from this group on Twitter.

3 responses to “A (New) Boston Pride returns June 10, 2023

  1. Is there someone from the site that can monitor the Remark section and not allow comments from anyone using “anonymous” to hide behind as their user name ? Coming here to read about Pride 2023 and being met with the same hateful comments that a certain group of trolls just have to post has already made me feel like these awful people have the upper hand and are controlling a dialog that simply attacks anyone/anything with absolutely no historical context in terms of the struggle many of us went through to even get Pride recognized in the first place.
    “There are more than enough
    To fight and oppose
    Why waste good time
    Fighting the people you like
    Who will fall defending your name
    Oh, don’t feel so ashamed
    To have friends” …… Morrissey 1994


    • Hi Mike,
      A significant number of comments made are anonymous so I accept them nearly always.

      I think you’ve made a good point about providing this organization a chance. Moreover, I think you’ll find there is a real desire to support and see that this group is successful by most of the LGBTQ+ community (yours truly included).


  2. I also heard about this and every single QTBIPOC (queer trans Black indigenous person of color) who knows about Boston Pride knows about it’s history and legacy of racism and over prioritizing corporate and white-majority sponsors.

    I too have concerns that it will be the same racist, transphobic, and non-community orientated pride as it was before 2022. I hope AND fully expect them to speak to this if they stand a chance in getting the same support and participation they have had before.

    -20-something year old



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