Vintage gay

The hairstyles and jeans lead me to think this is in the early 1980s. Possibly a street fair in The Castro? Anyone able to date or plae these two handsome guys?

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3 responses to “Vintage gay

  1. I really like that guy on the left with glasses! I hope you have been very happy!


  2. This is the type of image that I came across in the mid to late 70’s, when I was a teen and becoming sexually aware. I was always attracted to both these two types of guys liking to see bare chests but hairy chested especially, I was very naive at that and unaware that these feelings were the real me, having been instilled by elders that being attracted to men, if you were male was wrong! I battled these feelings for decades, tore myself inside out in the process and only now in my 60’s am I comfortable that I am gay! Thank you for posting these gorgeous vintage images, they are a personal reminder to be honest with oneself!


  3. Photo taken at Castro Street, San Francisco, late 1970s – by Crawford Barton



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