Vintage gay

I’m very intrigued by this week’s vintage gay photo of guys at a gay bar (I’m guessing in the 1980s based on haircuts and clothing). I have no idea why the guy in the white t-shirt has miniature handcuffs clamped to his button fly and belt loop. I’m also more than a little curious to know who is the guy hidden behind him. Either way, these guys look like they are enjoying themselves.

It’s the demise of gay bars, which may still be around but aren’t quite gay like this anymore that I sometimes miss when I am out. Anyone else feel a similar sesnse of melancholy?

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5 responses to “Vintage gay

  1. Those were the days, my friend.


  2. I’m of that “vintage” age of saying I went to my share of “hydrating” places… some of them even more leather, than I would normally wear on a Saturday night! 🤣

    I miss that sense of community and good times before… cellphones, internet “hookups”, gay bushings/shootings, AIDS, the most recent COVID/Monkeypox epidemics, “woke” mentality, Bachelorette parties!, and when drag was fun, safe, and inclusive, as well as the incredible disco/house/trans music & MTV videos! 🤗

    What I don’t miss is barely breathing due to the cigarette smoke! 🫢😝

    My “introduction” to the gay bars were in LA and Long Beach… Studio One, Rage, Micky’s, Trunks, Mother Lode, Gold Coast, The Abbey
    (as a coffeehouse first!), Apache, Oil Can Harry’s, Ripples, Silver Fox, the Brit, Boom Boom Room (Laguna Beach)… and later Palm Springs! Breakfast at Basix, Eat Well and of course The French Market (outside tables for the “scenery”! 😉).

    I’m very grateful for all those Friday and Saturday nights, and get very emotional and melancholy thinking about them all. 😢

    It’s truly sad a whole part of gay culture is gone, and slowly transitioning into gentrification.

    “Those Were The Days My Friends”!
    🤗 🥰 🍺🍸🥃🎶🏳️‍🌈


  3. I believe this is Sunday afternoon at the Eagle in San Francisco. This could be the 80’s, 90’s, or last week, it’s still happening.


  4. Re the handcuffs, seeing they are button flys, he can’t be using that old trick of using something to fix a faulty zipper, maybe it’s a signal that he’s into bondage or kink?
    I do like the idea of the handcuffs on the trousers though!
    He seems oblivious at that point to someone tweaking his pert nipple!


  5. It’s a delightfully evocative image from an era that has gone for ever, bars like that are venues which I would have loved to have visited even if they had existed in my local area, (which they didn’t) if I’d have had the personal courage to do so. I am strangely drawn to the prominent bulge in that guys trousers. I wonder why?



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