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Crewmen and Company

BosGuyI love this.  While I’m sure these guys get their share of bachelorette parties, they would do good business working gay cocktail parties here in Boston.  Unfortunately, Crewmen & Company is only in Toronto, although they are expanding to Montreal soon. Maybe Boston can be next?  Just a suggestion guys.

Anyone familiar with this company or used them before?

I love how they describe their services “We are charming, attractive, topless waiters and bartenders. We come in two flavors: Classy and Sassy. As hired help we take the pressure off hosting an event and we do it with a smile.” While their current staff is quite handsome, they definitely err on the side of twink. Maybe overtime they can expand and find guys more in line with my Furry Friday types.

You can read more about Crewmen & Co. here