Medical Research Project

I spent approximately 4 hours today at Mass General Hospital for my final medical visit for the medical research study program I started back in September. In about a month’s time I will receive a full medical report that will describe in detail all the tests that were done and how my body reacted. I look forward to receiving it although I’m unsure how much I will actually understand. I plan on giving it to my doctor to add to my file. Hopefully he’ll understand more of what it says.

I was oddly relieved to learn that I was not part of the control group receiving a placebo. I would have really been frustrated with myself if my side affects had all been manifestations of an overactive imagination and self-induced. As it turns out, my testosterone levels had dropped during the study.

The doctor did explain that the Zolladex pellet last injected into my stomach on Christmas Eve day will continue to suppress my body’s production of testosterone for 3-4 more weeks and without applying testosterone through the Androgel that had been provided for the study, levels will continue to drop.

I have to admit I have no reservations about having participated in the study and really found the entire process very fascinating, but I am equally relieved to be done and look forward to returning to normal. I had no idea how much the loss of testosterone in my body would affect my metabolism, energy level, sex drive, etc…

One response to “Medical Research Project

  1. Wow, kudos to you for signing up. But ouch–a pellet injected into your stomach! So were the side effects anything bad or just slightly annoying?I went back and read some of your older posts on this. I recently decided, upon my passing, to donate by body to a local medical school in hopes I might help train some doctors or advance medicine in some way. In the event my ol’ corpse isn’t acceptable, I am also an organ donor. I visited a medical school while young and it made a big impact on me. I *almost* entered med school but decided on a different career.



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