Hitting the gym

I’ve not stepped on a scale since my last weigh-in for the medical research project, which concluded in January. However, I was not pleased with the weight gain from participating in the study so starting the second week of February I started working out with Stu, my trainer at the BSC South End. After today’s work out I weighed in at 195 lbs with 19% body fat. After a quick check on Active.com where I had to enter my weight as well as several body measurments it calcluated the same body fat percentage as the trainers scale so even though I’m skeptical of both readings, I’m still pleased with the results.

I have to tip my hand to my trainer because after feeling like I had hit a plateau in my work outs, recently I’ve noticed new gains. This week I set a new personal best benching 215 lbs and doing overhand pull-ups with out any help. These are not milestones that really have any meaning for other people but it does make me feel good because when I started I was benching approximately 150 – 160 lbs, and I needed assistance with machines to subtract some of my body weight to do the overhand pull-ups. We’ll see where the next few months get me as I continue to work out with Stu.


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