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Temptation Tuesday

This is the first Temptation Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the first full week of the holiday season. I’m posting this to give me some extra (and much needed) ‘gymspiration’. If the post also helps motivate you to get to the gym or move around a bit more, so much the better.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

Stretching with Lucas Rockwood

I’ve been trying to get back into shape and recently I’ve turned to Lucas Rockwood, a well respected yoga trainer who offers several online training classes, including his his 21-Day Hip Opener Challenge. Each class only takes about 15 minutes but is harder than it sounds. I’m often covered in a sheen of sweat after holding these stretches for up to 5 minutes at a time.

The program is not intended to be a workout. Lucas describes it as a supplement to whatever you’re doing so I will often do this after going for a walk or run or after working out with my trainer. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t used the 15 minute stretching class as my “workout” for the day. I’ve noticed the class has helped my posture and my lower back feels stronger.

Because of the winter, I’ll be looking for creative ways to workout indoors. I’m open to suggestions / ideas to do my best to stay fit and somewhat active from my home so I don’t need to go to public gyms while the coronavirus is on the rise.

Boston Sports Club closes gyms, fires staff then charges members

Due to COVID-19, Boston Sports Clubs were ordered to close. The company promptly fired all their staff (which is upsetting since many of their staff are friends), so when they charged Sergio and me our monthly fee I was both surprised and disappointed.  This practice runs counter to what other chains in Boston have done and has changed my perception of how I view the BSC brand.

Apparently others felt similar because Boston.com ran this article earlier this week, Boston Sports Clubs wouldn’t let memberships be canceled during the coronavirus outbreak. Then they charged them

If you’re a member of the BSC and have been charged a monthly membership fee, let me know by leaving a comment and contact our Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint with BSC / TSI. You can do that by calling 617.727.2200 to let them know that BSC charged you a monthly membership fee and you want a refund, or you can file a complaint online like I did. It takes less than five minutes and you can do it right from, here.

Gymspiration: US Olympian Chris Mazdzer

handsome, hairy, hunk, athlete, olympianNeed some inspiration to get yourself to the gym this week? Maybe this photo of the handsome US Olympian, Chris Mazdzer can help.

Naked yoga classes every Saturday in Boston

naked in motionDo you like to be naked? Do you like to do yoga? Then maybe you should check out Naked in Motion, which has been hosting weekly naked yoga classes in Boston each Saturday afternoon; general admission tickets are $25.

Naked in MotionFor more details visit their website, nakedinmotion.com.

Boston’s LGBTQ swim club: LANES

SwimmerEach Tuesday I feature a different LGBTQ club or organization to help connect gay men living in the Boston area. One such group you may not know about is Boston’s great swimming club, LANES – Liquid Assets New England Swimming.

LANES swims year round so you can join at anytime and with five practices scheduled each week (three during the week and two on the weekends) you are sure to find a time that will work for you. Everyone is welcome to join. LANES has everyone from former collegiate swimmers to those who are swimming to stay in shape – and of course the social aspect, which you can learn more about by visiting them online and joining them at one of their upcoming practices.Brian Moynihan, William Lawson, LANES, Liquid Assets New England Swimming, gay boston

For more information visit LANES online at swim-lanes.org or on Facebook at Liquid Assets New England Swimming.

I want to feature the LGBTQ groups and organizations that help people connect and enrich Boston’s gay life. If you’d like to have your club / team featured, please email me at bosguymail@gmail.com or via FB messenger.

Frontrunners Boston

Temptation TuesdayIn less than a week 30,000+ runners will undertake one of the most difficult marathons in the world when the 122nd Boston Marathon takes place. It is hard not to be inspired by these people but for the majority of people a jog around the Charles River might be all you can commit to.

For those of you who may be looking for an excuse to be more active, I wanted to suggest checking out the Boston Frontrunner’s chapter. This club meets each week and has a social element following their Saturday runs, which gives you the chance to get to meet and connect with others. Do not worry about needing to be some amazing runner to keep up. Different distances are available for you to choose what is best.

gay boston

Frontrunners Boston visiting RI this past Fall

For more information about Frontrunners Boston, visit them on the web at www.frontrunnersboston.org or check out their Facebook page at, Frontrunners Boston.

I want to feature the LGBTQ groups and organizations that help people connect and enrich Boston’s gay life. If you’d like to have your club / team featured, please email me at bosguymail@gmail.com or via FB messenger.

Sign up for YoFit YoLife Thanksgiving bootcamps

yofityolife, fitness, health, Yovanny Henningsen Enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving holiday weekend by signing up to take a fitness class (or two) with one of Boston’s best personal trainers. Yovanny (Furry-Friday worthy) is hosting two outdoor bootcamps this week that will have you burning so many calories you will be able to double up on all the mashed potatoes, stuffing and desserts your heart desires.

$22 YoFit YoLife Outdoor Bootcamp || Thursday, November 23

$22 YoFit YoLife Outdoor Bootcamp || Saturday, November 25

Yovanny’s classes are on Thursday, November 23  from 7:00 – 8:30AM and  Saturday, November 25 starts at 10AM at Joe Moakley Park in Dorchester. These classes are the last YofitYolife outdoor bootcamps of the year/season!

Pre-Registration is necessary for headcount & equipment so register early while space remains and get in a couple of great workouts with my friend Yovanny.yofityolife, fitness, health, Yovanny Henningsen

Men’s Health best leg workout (in just 20 minutes)

handsome, hunk, musclesIt has been a long time since I’ve shared a workout but with the holidays upon us, and overindulging a reality I cannot (and maybe you too) escape,  I wanted to share a workout I read in Men’s Health. It will take about 20 minutes to do but will have you feeling the burn for several days after.

1 – Box Jumps: (100 reps) The article adds as a reminder to be sure to swing one’s arms while jumping to maximize height.

2 – Dumbbell front squat push press: (100 reps) Hold one dumbbell in each hand over your shoulders, squat, then use the momentum as you come up from your squat to press the dumbbells up above your head. The article suggests using 25lbs dumbbells but use whatever you think you can manage.

3 – Wall balls: (100 reps) Stand facing a wall with the med ball in hand; squat, and on your way up, throw the med ball up over your head and against the wall.

I’ve yet to do this but plan on trying a modified version of this workout later this week (with half the repetitions and breaking it into two sets). I doubt I can do this workout without customizing it and you should do the same. The article has a handy video that I couldn’t figure out how to embed so if you’d like to watch it link here: Watch the Workout Video Here.

Greenway’s free fitness program in Boston

Photo Credit & Source: Greenway Website

Did you know there is something called The Greenway Fitness Program that is free for you to attend? Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the fitness classes are free and open to the public. To see the full schedule of classes (dates, times and locations) visit the Greenway website or link here.

Later today there are two free classes / events:
Workplace Wellness Bootcamp starts at 5:30PM at the Rings Fountain on Milk Street (map
Social Boston Sports Cornhole starts at 6PM at the intersection of Milk Street & JFK Surface Raod (map)


gay boston

Frontrunners Boston visiting RI this past Fall

Gareth Johnson is a writer who I read regularly via Medium. Earlier this month he had an interesting article on Frontrunners, the LGBT running club that was inspired by the novel, The Front Runner, first published in 1974 and would go on to sell more than 10 million copies. The book is noted for being the first contemporary gay novel to achieve mainstream commercial and critical success.Patricia Nell WarrenEven more impressive than the book’s critical and commercial success is how it served as an inspiration to establish gay running clubs, initially in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but then through out the U.S., North America and eventually the world. I didn’t count but there are more than 50 International chapters and easily as many chapters here in the United States.

Aside from how inspiring the story is (one I didn’t know until I read Gareth’s article on Medium), I wanted to give the Boston chapter a shout out. Often I hear people lament how difficult it is to meet up and connect with people. This club meets regularly and has a social element following their Saturday runs which gives you the chance to get to meet and connect with others. And one needn’t be some amazing runner to keep up. Different distances are available for you to choose what is best for you. For more information about Boston’s Frontrunners’ Chapter visit the following links.

web: www.frontrunnersboston.org 
FB: Frontrunners Boston
email: frontrunnersboston@yahoo.com

If you’d like to learn more about your local Frontrunners chapter, click here.

Kilted Coaches: How to get great glutes

kilted coaches, scots, fitness, glutes, exercise, kiltApologies for those of you who may feel like my blog is giving too much time to men in kilts but I’ve been following Stephen and Rab a.k.a. the “Kilted Coaches” videos on YT for a couple of months and their recent exercise video on how to strengthen your glutes is so much fun to watch.

How To Get Great Glutes

kilted coaches, scots, kilts, exercise, glutes, fitness

kilted coaches, scots, kilts, naked, ass, peach emoji

As you can see they do get a bit cheeky at the end of their clip so it may not be appropriate to watch in the office, but if you’re interested you can watch the fitness video on YouTube, here.

Caption this photo

funnyEach Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption.  Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own.

The slightly less known yoga pose called, Ouch.

Public Body: Work Hard, Play Hard weekend in Provincetown, May 19-21

fitness, chad flahivePublic Body is heading back to Provincetown for their Work Hard, Play Hard Weekend, which will take place Friday, May 19th – Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Public Body’s Chad Flahive and special guest trainer Maryanne Blake will take you through a weekend of serious fitness in beautiful Provincetown, MA that will include workouts on the beach, hitting Ptown’s beautiful bike trails, sweating under the club lights and stretching poolside. Space is limited so register today. Total cost is $379.00 (including ferry) and $299.00 (non ferry option.) A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve your space. Three hearty meals, healthy post-workout snacks, bike rental, over 8 hours of fitness programming, and round trip fast ferry (optional).

Chad Flahive, fitness

For more information and to reserve your space today click on the link below
Public Body Weekend in Provincetown

Lodging is not included but The Crown and Anchor, will be home base for many of the weekend activities. You can make reservations directly from their website, http://www.onlyatthecrown.com.

Free summer workouts in Boston

The November Project Wednesday morning workout at Harvard

The November Project Wednesday morning workout at Harvard

Warmer weather in Boston means that staying fit is definitely cheaper. Group workouts are offered throughout the city weekday mornings and evenings and they are open to the public and free. Below are a few suggestions so get off your butt and check out one or more of these classes.

Esplanade and DCR Hatch Shell has many classes in the evening including Zumba every Tuesday, Yoga every Wednesday and CrossFit classes each Thursday, but note most of these classes do not begin until next month.

Frog Pond at the Boston Common is currently hosting yoga classes every Thursday at 6PM through September 1 by the carousel.  Bring your own mat and blocks if you can.

Post Office Square (a.k.a. Norman B. Levanthal Park) hosts morning and evening workouts that are free to the public.  Weekday workouts start daily on Monday, June 20th and include bootcamp, pilates, yoga and zumba. For the full schedule, please click here.

Rose Kennedy Greenway is hosting free boot camp classes every Wednesday at 6PM for all levels at the intersection for Cross and Hanover Street courtesy of Next Level Fitness.

November Project: Work out with a positive support group every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for free workouts through the November Project.

Free Run Clubs in Boston are so plentiful it would be an entire post just listing all the clubs. Check out the link and pick a club that is convenient for you.

This post only lists a handful of the free fitness classes that will be available this summer. You can view and print the full Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series 2016 brochure here.