Frontrunners Boston

Temptation TuesdayIn less than a week 30,000+ runners will undertake one of the most difficult marathons in the world when the 122nd Boston Marathon takes place. It is hard not to be inspired by these people but for the majority of people a jog around the Charles River might be all you can commit to.

For those of you who may be looking for an excuse to be more active, I wanted to suggest checking out the Boston Frontrunner’s chapter. This club meets each week and has a social element following their Saturday runs, which gives you the chance to get to meet and connect with others. Do not worry about needing to be some amazing runner to keep up. Different distances are available for you to choose what is best.

gay boston

Frontrunners Boston visiting RI this past Fall

For more information about Frontrunners Boston, visit them on the web at or check out their Facebook page at, Frontrunners Boston.

I want to feature the LGBTQ groups and organizations that help people connect and enrich Boston’s gay life. If you’d like to have your club / team featured, please email me at or via FB messenger.


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