Men’s Health best leg workout (in just 20 minutes)

handsome, hunk, musclesIt has been a long time since I’ve shared a workout but with the holidays upon us, and overindulging a reality I cannot (and maybe you too) escape,  I wanted to share a workout I read in Men’s Health. It will take about 20 minutes to do but will have you feeling the burn for several days after.

1 – Box Jumps: (100 reps) The article adds as a reminder to be sure to swing one’s arms while jumping to maximize height.

2 – Dumbbell front squat push press: (100 reps) Hold one dumbbell in each hand over your shoulders, squat, then use the momentum as you come up from your squat to press the dumbbells up above your head. The article suggests using 25lbs dumbbells but use whatever you think you can manage.

3 – Wall balls: (100 reps) Stand facing a wall with the med ball in hand; squat, and on your way up, throw the med ball up over your head and against the wall.

I’ve yet to do this but plan on trying a modified version of this workout later this week (with half the repetitions and breaking it into two sets). I doubt I can do this workout without customizing it and you should do the same. The article has a handy video that I couldn’t figure out how to embed so if you’d like to watch it link here: Watch the Workout Video Here.


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