So long sweet Sydney

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop – QV bar cafe in the Queen Victoria Building sipping my last cup of coffee (a.k.a. long black) as slowly as I can to savor and reflect upon the past 2.5 weeks in Australia.  My favorite barista in Sydney (Chris – pictures of this handsome coffee maestro will follow) has made me my last cup of coffee and when I’m done I need to go back to my hotel to pack what can only be described as a mountain of dirty clothes; not an enviable chore. 

The ‘saudade‘ I feel in anticipation of my pending departure is sweet because this has been a fantastic trip exceeding my expectations in more ways than I can adequately describe. After I return home I will download my pictures and videos to share. I’ll also add my commentary about what I did and what I would recommend others do if / when they travel here so if you know anyone considering a trip to Australia, please feel free to send me a comment. I can guarantee that I will not tire of talking about Australia for quite awhile.

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