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Saturday morning comics

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ADAM & ANDY is set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, CT. You can learn more about this strip by visiting,

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Last week’s Comic Strip

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras Madonna tribute

I love Australia and I love this Madonna tribute that involved more than 200 volunteers of all ages. Enjoy this fun video and feel free to dance along if you know the dance steps.

Saturday night video Daniel Garofali

Australia, drag queenBack in 2009 I first saw /met Daniel Garofali when he was still dancing as a go go boy in the Sydney gay bars along Oxford Street.  Above is a photo taken from the Sydney Opera House drag show we attended that year.  Not long after our visit to Australia Garofali’s good looks took him to America and Europe.

Daniel Garofali has parlayed his looks into a successful career as a male model.  Enjoy this throwback video from his 2012 calendar photoshoot.

If you’d like to see Garofali before he made it big, watch these video clips of the show we took from our phones I Got The Music In Me and Hot Stuff (he appears around the 50 second mark).

Acai Brothers appealing advertising

Last week my friend Brenton who writes the NSFW blog Aussielicious shared this post, Some sexy advertising, about the Acai Brothers who are opening a raw & organic smoothies and juice bar in Australia.

The advertising certainly grabbed my attention.  Maybe they will open a second location here in Boston. 🙂

Sydney is such a seductress

Sydney HarbourAs I was perusing Facebook yesterday I stumbled upon this breathtaking photograph of the Sydney Opera House at sunset.  It reminded me how much I loved Sydney (and all of Australia) when Sergio and I visited back in November and December of 2009. I wrote about that trip quite a bit.  Here are two posts you may find interesting if you share my fascination / love of Australia, An Americans’ observations about Australia and Seductive Sydney.

Much thanks to Marc Keeper who posted this on his FB page. It made my evening.

Marriage Equality is a global (r)evolution

Australian Gay Rights Tribute

A touching video tribute to Australia’s fight for LGBT equality was shared this morning on Towleroad, and I wanted to pick up and pass this along.

David Pocock

David PocockEarlier this week David over at WickedGayBlog posted a series of photographs of this extremely handsome Australian rugby player, David Pocock.  In all fairness, David has posted this handsome jock before, but I wanted to give the post a shout out since you may be unaware of this very handsome heterosexual LGBT ally who recently made news when he told the media he would not marry until all Australian couples could legally marry.  Like what you see? Check out all the photos that David posted on WGB.

As they say in Australia, Good On Ya David Pocock.