Happy Halloween

To keep with today’s theme I thought I’d post this song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I selected this particular clip in honor of my good friend Brit who will be tending bar this afternoon at dbar for their halloween themed tea dance. If you go, say hello to him he’ll be dressed as “Rolinda Hay” pronounced, roll in da hay.

If you went out last night, tell me all about it since I’m still taking it easy and recovering from meningitis. You can shoot me an email at BosGuymail@gmail.com.

4 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. I love Rocky Horror! Sorry you are still sick.Happy Halloween 🙂


  2. First off, I hope you feel better soon!I didn't do anything out of the ordinary last night. I watched my Leafs lose and then I went on a beer run to stock my fridge for the next two weeks. Tonight I'll be a good neighbor and give out candy.Happy Halloween!


  3. Love the new Boston header on your blog! Happy Halloween!


  4. Don't tell anyone…but I've never seen the RHPS. Shh…..



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