December 1st is World AIDS Day

More than 25 million people have died from AIDS and there are more than 30 million people living with AIDS right now. Reach out to your local AIDS Service Organization and donate your time or money and thank them for their work and dedication. If you live in Boston check out my favorite ASO: The AIDS Action Committee of MA.

Wednesday, December 1st is World AIDS Day

3 responses to “December 1st is World AIDS Day

  1. We support the cause. But, I refuse to pay ransom for Kim Kardashian's now silent tweets.If you don't know what I'm talking about, I mentioned it on our blog. She and other celebrities are fund raising by killing their on-line accounts until they get to $1 million in donations.


  2. We must never forget that AIDS is still here. Complacency is the new scourge. Thank you for reminding us all to always be aware.Good on you!


  3. Remember. Honor. Give someone our time today. For the betterment of us all.



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