Google, Matthew Epstein wants you to hire him

Its no secret that a lot of very talented people are currently looking for work. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist for people to recognize that half the game is being able to differentiate yourself from others. However, there is a very fine line between thinking outside-the-box and creatively identifying ways to get the attention of a potential employer.

Matthew Epstein appears to understands how to walk that fine line with his website and video. Together I think they are equal parts genious and hilarious. Tailored perfectly to Google’s quirky personality but professional enough to warrant a closer look, it appears that Matthew’s request for “one phone call and 15 minutes” of Google’s time has paid off (sort of). Google did contact Matthew but asked him to go through the standard hiring process, which apparently he’s fine with doing.

Who knows how this might end, but I’m cheering on Matthew and the millions of others out there right now looking for work.

Thanks Tim for sharing this with me.

One response to “Google, Matthew Epstein wants you to hire him

  1. This is a cool idea 🙂 …I hope it works out for him. They gotta give him some credit and extra consideration for effort!



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