Provincetown Carnival Week Update

After the clouds and rain came and went, people were more than ready to get out and socialize on Tuesday. Tea Dance at the Boatslip competed with the annual “The Tide Is High” boat cruise (one of Carnival Week’s official events). However, this made it so much easier to get drinks and socialize.

After the rains from the previous day, the thought of going out on a boat cruise sipping drinks with 4-5′ wave swells had zero appeal. Boats & BosGuy simply don’t mix. Its like two great things that don’t go great together… sort of like Britney Spears and performing live.

Another great thing about Tea dance on Tuesday, was I had the chance to meet a young man from upstate NY, whom I’ve chatted with for quite awhile on Twitter. His handle on twitter is, biscuittmfs. “Biscuitt” is his nickname and its just eccentric enough that even I can remember it. This morning Biscuitt and his posse are at Provincetown’s gay beach which is clothing optional. I can only imagine how many times guys will be walking back and forth all to sneak a peek at Biscuitt’s buns.

BosGuy and Biscuitt at Boatslip Tea DanceFollowing Tea Dance, Sergio and dashed down to the Crown & Anchor to see Ryan Landry’s musical Peter Pansy, which was hilarious. Oddly the nightclub had very poor audio so much of the witty rebuttals and double-entendres were missed. Despite the audio issues, the show was very funny. My only bit of advice for future shows is to do your best to get as close to the stage as possible otherwise you are likely to be left wondering what was said.

Sergio and I took this year’s theme “Can’t stop the music” seriously and went out to the A-House to get our dance on, but by midnight I was so full from drinking since 5 that I felt like I could hear the drinks swishing in my stomach as I moved so I called it a night and came home to unwind.

3 responses to “Provincetown Carnival Week Update

  1. Amazing time and great pleasure to meet you in person =)


  2. BosGuy:My IMac died!! Hence lost my e mail addresses. Send me yours, as I am rebuilding my address book. BTW, loved the Ten Tables' review. I'd love a picture of Biscuitt's buns, too! WM



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