AC360 Ridiculist: Gerard Depardieu

Proof that no matter how mature, all men find potty humor funny. Even the suave Anderson Cooper cannot contain himself with his potty-mouth double entendre.

5 responses to “AC360 Ridiculist: Gerard Depardieu

  1. Just love this man. Anderson Cooper, that is. The French also don’t pick up after their pets when they defecate on the streets of Paris.
    It must be a French thing.


  2. Love the this man!!!… he he he he


  3. Brilliant! Coopers giggle is so contagious and a little girlie!


  4. His laugh just makes me giggle.His giggle makes me swoon.


  5. That was incredibly witty considering it was about a man purposefully peeing himself. I have to admit that the part where he broke down was so cute. That man laughs like a child. :)-Ace



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