How to survive a Boston winter

You may not want to think about it, but winter in Boston will be here before you realize it and when it comes to surviving this frigid season, those who plan ahead are best prepared for what will come.

Thanks to Jet Blue which offers more non-stop destinations from Boston than any other airline you can pick from a large number of warm locations to break up the winter doldrums. I’m partial to Puerto Rico and have been making visits there off and on for the past few years.  The photo above is of your’s truly standing in front of an infinity pool on the beach at La Concha Hotel this past February.

Although the weather is still beautiful here in Boston there is no doubt that summer is over and autumn is in full swing.  I find the best way to make it through Boston’s brutal winters is to plan a quick respite for a few nights some place warm. Cheap seats abound for flights in January, February and March if you have some flexibility (hint: airfares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are cheaper than end of week and weekends).  So book your flights now while cheap seats remain and before the holiday season has you spending more money than you intended.


2 responses to “How to survive a Boston winter

  1. One survival tactic is to notice that every day, the light hangs around a little bit longer. This happens just after December 21st.

    By late January, early February you can see tiny little buds popping out on trees. They are light driven creatures.

    By March there’s a green tinge to everything. And by April it’s busting out like crazy.

    So really the winter isn’t THAT long.


  2. Good tip! Even just going down to the Carolina’s can be a break for those of us with less money. Atlanta is nice too.



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