Restoration Hardware returns to the Back Bay

The Boston Globe is reporting Restoration Hardware has signed a lease at the historic 234 Berkeley Street (previously home of LouisBoston). Restoration Hardware previously had a store in the Back Bay but closed it in May 2007.

The retail space can accommodate 40,000 square feet.  If the entire building is used, it would be among one of the largest stores in the Back Bay and one of a very few free standing shops.

There doesn’t appear to be any information about when the new location would open but this is fantastic news.   I can already see all the gay men in the South End and beyond lining up to get a glimpse when this massive new retail space reopens selling everything from furniture to bed linens.

You can read The Boston Globe article here.

4 responses to “Restoration Hardware returns to the Back Bay

  1. I’m curious as to why the original Back Bay location closed. I’m going to assume that it wasn’t due to slow business, given the fact that they’re opening a MUCH larger store in the same area. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see it!!


  2. There’s one about 45 miles south of you in the Providence Place Mall. Just thought I’d mention that. In fact the mall isn’t all that far from Providence Station so take the MBCR commuter down and shop!


  3. Mistress Borghese

    Well, make sure your not that opening day…it will be a very gay free for all!!!!


  4. I love RH! I go to the Seattle store everytime I’m visiting the US.



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