Restaurant Review: Remi (NYC)

On occasion work brings me to New York City and earlier today I had the difficult task of identifying appropriate wines for an important program that my firm would be hosting.   Sometimes, I’ll admit, I’m a very lucky man.

To make certain I didn’t fall over we combined the tasting with a lunch.  The place we went to is an Italian restaurant called Remi. The lunch menu is divided into anti pasti ranging from $11.50 – $17.50;  insalate ranging from $9.50-$12.50; main plates (primi piatta) of homemade pasta ranging from $18.00-$24.50; and signature plates & entrees ranging from $19.50-$39.50.

The place attracts a large lunch crowd of business men and women, and features a nice patio.  The main room which is depicted above is nicely designed and comfortable.

Salmone dell’Atlantico – $29.50 (for lunch)

For lunch I selected the Atlantic Salmon.  Generally I prefer my salmon slightly rare and with as little on it as possible, but Remi’s plate came with potato crust, which added texture that complimented the fish.  Under the fillet was a sweet bell pepper sauce that did little for my taste buds, but was visually appealing and a side of sauteed garlic spinach that was so unbelieveably good I inhaled it all: caveat emptor, if you’re not a fan of garlic stay away from the spinach.

I’m not sure if I would venture to Remi’s on my own since I rarely choose to spend time in midtown when visiting NYC, but based on my experience here I would suggest it for a business lunch or dinner.

Remi is located at 145 West 53rd Street (between 6th and 7th Ave)    Reservations are strongly recommended (212) 581-4242
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