How to survive a Boston winter

I’d snuggle with him

Last month I included my first How to survive a Boston winter posting.  This series (despite my focus on my hometown) is really dedicated to all those guys who live in colder climates where summer is a memory and sweaters and jackets are now necessities rather than fashion choices.

This posting is more economical than my first which you can read here.  It’s pretty straight forward, find someone to snuggle with to keep you warm through the colder months.  For those currently without a snuggle-buddy, use this time wisely and shop around before you commit. It can be a long winter in Boston.

4 responses to “How to survive a Boston winter

  1. Snuggle buddy. Perfect! We all need one. Or two.


  2. I’ve got mine!


  3. Are you available to snuggle??



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