Gay in America book signing

Scott Pasfield will be signing copies of his latest book, Gay in America at the Harvard COOP bookstore on Monday, November 14th starting at 7PM.

Photographer Scott Pasfield spent three years travelling the United States gathering stories and documenting the lives of 140 gay men from all 50 states in the United States. The stories of these men are moving testaments of what it means to be gay and challenges stereotypes we all have.  The hard cover book is 224 pages with 100 full color photographs and retails for $45.00.

For more information about the signing call the COOP at (617) 499-2000.

One response to “Gay in America book signing

  1. I just started this book a few days ago. I’m tankig my time with it, luxuriating in it, really. (In fact, I have a blog post brewing in my mind about just this kind of reading experience and how it brushes up against my ideas of being a good reader a.k.a. fast. ) I was just thinking today how there is something sparse about the beginning of the book (I’m only 20 pages in), but also something so dense and rich.



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