BosGuy is a Cultcha Vultcha

In early September I wrote about all the great local theater companies in Boston in my post, 2011-2012 season (which was at the time just starting).  The productions these companies pull together are not as elaborate as travelling Broadway and the National touring companies that come to Boston’s Theater District, but they can be surprisingly entertaining and tickets are half the price.

On Friday, I’m off to see The Divine Sister, which closes this weekend and is playing at the Roberts Studio Theatre in the Calderwood Pavilion.  The program which was written by Charles Busch is probably more bawdy and lewd than anything playing currently in Boston’s theater district and that suits me just fine.  We’re going to be joined by two other couples and make a night of this which is a welcome change from hitting the same bars or restaurants.

Have you attended a local theater production lately?  There are so many good shows playing right now; support your local arts community.

One response to “BosGuy is a Cultcha Vultcha

  1. I’m a fan of Charles Busch. If you have a chance, find a copy of Whores of Lost Atlantis by him. Great book!

    Enjoy the show!!



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