Time to focus on fitness

It has been awhile since I’ve talked about my fitness and work out regimen and with the holiday season set to go into overdrive next week here in the United States, it seems like an appropriate moment to bring it up (again).

My job and the weather tend to greatly influence my commitment to the gym, which is really dumb when you consider its a combination of vanity and genuine interest in my own personal health that is the reason I work out.  However, September through the Thanksgiving holiday is terribly hectic as is the new year and much of spring.  Couple that with the fact that it is downright freezing in Boston and suddenly previously considered lame excuses not to go to the gym sound legit.  The days of when I would barely visit a gym in a month are long gone thanks to the fact that I work out with a trainer whom I do my best to see two times a week, but I need to get my butt in gear so I’m going to the gym on those off-days when Stu (my trainer – depicted at the start of the post) isn’t there pushing me.  Anyone else struggling with their gym routine?  Any gym rats out there who would like to provide  some pearls of wisdom on how you stay so focused despite all the distractions?

5 responses to “Time to focus on fitness

  1. to some extent the motivation has to come internally. Prior to working out 2x, I often forced myself to go on my own. The key is to set a goal and find exercises that you enjoy (for example, if you hate running – try the elliptical, bike, or swimming). If you dont like it, you arent going to do it.

    The cold weather makes it all the harder to convince oneself to go to the gym – which is why you need a gym partner to shame you into going and working out. It’s important to find a gym partner that will push you though (much like a trainer) and not let you get away with being easy on yourself at the gym.

    Try splitting up your workouts so that you arent spending 3 hours all at one time at the gym – cardio in the AM and lifting in the PM. So far it’s worked for me, and your boyfriend has been a great motivator/workout partner at the gym


  2. In an effort to put some muscle on my skinny frame, I have tried the gym a time or two in my life. Never could get into repetitive picking up and putting down heavy things. I prefer playing sports or something. It hasn’t given me the T-shirt-straining pecs I would like, but at least I’m in decent shape.


  3. is it still a struggle if I am too embarrassed to show up after not being there for a full month? if so – then yes. I’m struggling. It’s a mental block for some reason.


  4. It was tough to get motivated to hit the gym in the winter when I lived in Boston – the weather just makes you want to stay home. But I found that if I could integrate a work out into my daily schedule in a way that made it unavoidable – e.g. on the walk to or home from work, etc. – it was way easier to maintain. Good luck BosGuy.


  5. I’m hoping you get some good insight and/or tips. I have these relatively short, intense bursts of motivation throughout the year, but they happen in between big gaps of not working out. Ugh!



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