Men of Twitter

Each Monday I post #MenOfTwitter profiles of men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following. As always, suggestions for profiles to feature are welcome. If you’d like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @BosGuy. Below are this week’s #MenOfTwitter.

This week I’ve decided to put a naughty spin on my normally PG-rated profiles by including three Twitter profiles that interact in different aspects of the gay ‘adult’ industry.  The profiles below are all work safe, but their Twitter profiles are not necessarily so be forewarned if you are tempted to follow any links.

Manhunt – I’m making an exception to my own rule by featuring an organization rather than an individual, but before we even knew what an app was, Manhunt was helping gay men connect. While Manhunt has taken a backseat to Grindr and Scruff, I wanted to acknowledge this Boston-based (well Cambridge to be specific) organization which is active on Twitter and their blog, #Blog

JesseJackmanXXX – Relatively new to the industry, Jesse is working exclusively with TitanMen.  As a result his Twitter handle is also new, which would normally exclude him from consideration, but since I’ve known Jesse for more than a decade, allowances are made for friends. Plus he’s so devilishly handsome in his profile pic. Check him out at #Newbie

ChrisYosef – This 30-something fetish performer, writer and promoter joins a growing list of very sexy Canadians that I’ve featured in this weekly post. Chris splits his time in the Northwest between Seattle and Vancouver and is married to TonyBuff.  For those with a kinky side follow Chris – he’s on Twitter virtually 24/7.  #Fetish

BTW if you like this post, retweet it. If you love this post, follow me, @BosGuy. Link here to see past #MenOfTwitter postings.

2 responses to “Men of Twitter

  1. Jesse is damn sexy.



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