How to survive a Boston winter

Each month I’ve been providing a bit of advice on how to survive a Boston winter, but really the suggestions are applicable to anyone residing in the northern hemisphere coping with shorter days and cold temperatures.

In September, I suggested one way to survive a Boston winter was to plan ahead by scheduling a trip someplace warm.  In October, I offered a more economical option by identifying a ‘cuddle buddy’ you can turn to for body heat. My advice in November is not as economical as last month but need not be as extravagant as September’s suggestion.

This month, I’m suggesting that you embrace the fact that you are living in what resembles  a frozen tundra and make the best of it by adopting the “if you can’t beat’em then join’em philosophy.” Book a trip to one of the many Gay Ski Weeks that are held around the world.  There are many options through out North America and Europe so choose a local option to avoid costly airfare and extra travel / vacation time.  In the northeast, the Stowe Gay Ski Week is a great local alternative.  If interested you can read more about the Gay Ski theme week many in New England attend, here.

Sadly, I cannot promise that the three friends above will be attending your specific ski week rendez-vous.


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