Sergio cooks: Gnocchi

My partner has an obsession with gnocchi.  If gnocchi is on a restaurant menu he’s likely to order it.  Earlier this year food blogger and friend, Tracey, asked if he would show her how to make gnocchi.  The video below was originally created for her blog 40-something life.

The end of the video includes ingredients followed by a quick description of the preparation and cooking process.  I hope you enjoy, bon appétit.

9 responses to “Sergio cooks: Gnocchi

  1. Anche io ho l’ossessione per i gnocchi.
    Gnocchi con ragù, gnocchi con pesto, gnocchi saltati alla salvia.
    I also have an obsession with gnocchi.
    Gnocchi with ragù, gnocchi with pesto, gnocchi with sage.
    Matteo – Roma


  2. Very nice… Thanks for sharing


  3. Gnocci is my favorite! It was terrific to see another cook make it. You were so thorough with your instructions.
    I see a new TV cooking show in our future.


  4. Fabulous! Sergio’s great… he should have a tv show! 🙂


  5. this has inspired me to go off my diet this weekend!!


  6. I can take it or leave it, but find myself liking ricotta gnocchi. a place near us makes it w/truffle oil and lobster. come, I’ll take you there.


  7. So what time is dinner?



  8. and it tasted fantastic!!!!!!!!!!


  9. This is the first time I’ve ever watched one of these kinds of videos…thank you. It looks amazing. 🙂



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