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SoWa Farmer’s Market: Valicenti Pasta Farm

Realm health and fitness tips from KyleIt seems like each year the SoWa Farmer’s Market gets better. The variety and quality of vendors is excellent and although it can definitely add up (no bargains at this market) it is my favorite place to shop for groceries.

Although the market is open both Saturday and Sunday (the market expanded to Saturdays for the first time this year), one of my favorite vendors, Valicenti Pasta Farm in Hollis, NH is only at the market on Sundays so I generally shop then to pick up one or two (and sometimes three) packages of their homemade pasta. SoWa Open Market, SoWa Farmer's MarketIf you’ve never splurged to purchase fresh made pasta (and I don’t mean fresh made pasta that has been sitting in a grocery store chain freezer for a week), then you are really missing out. The way these pastas absorb the flavors of the sauce puts dry pasta to shame. If you live in the area and have never ventured over to the SoWa Farmer’s Market, make it a point to check it out. All the vendors come from area farms and the selection is really excellent.

SoWa Farmer’s Market is open Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-4PM through October 2017, but note that Valicenti Pasta Farm is only there on Sundays.

Boston JerkFest & Rum Tasting this weekend

The Boston JerkFest is an outdoor/indoor family-friendly Caribbean style foodie festival that features Jamaican jerk spiced food and all things spicy and hot on Saturday, June, 24, 2017 at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in the South End with two sessions: 11am-3pm and 4-8pm.

Click here for a GroupOn

The Rum & Brew Tasting @ Boston JerkFest will take place on Friday, June 23, 2017 , 6:30-9:30pm (6pm for VIP) at the same location.  This 21+ event  features live music and unlimited tastings of rum, local craft beer and a variety of Caribbean themed libations.

For more information visit the event website,

L’apero des heros from the Chef Club

If one of your New Year’s resolutions included losing weight – do not watch this video. However, for the rest of you enjoy this quick video and tempting idea for your next dinner party. This looks equal parts delicious and easy.

Thank you Sergio for sharing this. We’ll definitely have to try it.

Arugula and Peach Salad is perfect for Labor Day cookout or dinner party

BosGuy cooks, cooking, easy salad recipe, saladWith Labor Day Weekend fast approaching I wanted to share this easy to make and delicious salad you can offer to bring to or serve at a cook out / dinner this coming weekend or for as long as you can get fresh peaches.

I have to give credit to our friends Frederic and Olivier who made this one evening for us in Provincetown. I’ve taken some liberties, modifying the ingredients and I hope you will do the same should you decide to make this.

Dressing and seasoning not shown

Dressing and seasoning not shown

BosGuy’s Arugula & Peach Salad Ingredients
4 ripe peaches
Arugula (one handful per person)
Dressing and seasonings: Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Oregano and Salt

Peel the peaches (I use an apple peeler) and chop into bite sized pieces
Combine with arugula and add walnuts
Add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano and salt to taste then toss

If you love cheese, consider adding goat cheese (not shown below).Arugula and Peach SaladMuch thanks for Frederic & Olivier for making this for us. It is the perfect summer salad.

The Bear-Naked Chef returns

Madrid, Spain, cookingIt has been three months since The Bear-Naked Chef (a.k.a. Adrian De Berardinis) last cooked for us. A few weeks ago Adrian shared a teaser video of him in Madrid, Spain, promising to return soon with new recipes and yesterday he did just that. Adrian’s first recipe, “Albóndigas En Salsa Española” perhaps better known to my readers as, Meatballs in Spanish Sauce, looks delicious.

While the recipe does call for a number of ingredients, it does appear to come together fairly easily and looks like something I could easily whip up (although I’ll probably forgo the Spanish saffron) and add extra parsley.

Look delicious? Want to try the recipe? You can access this and previous recipes from Adrian’s website.

Bear-Naked Chef Adrian De Berardinis visits Spain

gay, cooking, naked-chefAdrian De Berardinis (a.k.a. The Bear-Naked Chef) first got my attention late last year when he released a teaser video about his upcoming YouTube cooking series. He kept my attention (not an easy thing to do) with his easy to follow and delicious Italian recipes which he has a penchant for cooking in the buff in his home in California.

Looking to mix things up (or maybe just for a good excuse to travel), Chef Adrian hopped on a plane and has been spending time in Spain learning more about the local cuisine.  Over the weekend he released this teaser video, promising to return with more fun to watch and easy to make recipes in May.

The Bear-Naked Chef with Adrian De Berardinis Episode 3: Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas

Adrian De Berardinis, cookingThe Bear-Naked Chef better known as Adrian De Berardinis is back with the third episode of his cooking show. In this episode Adrian cooks parpadelle pasta with bacon & peas in a video that runs about eleven and one half minutes long.

The recipe shown below is inspired by a dish from one of Adrian’s favorite New York City Italian restaurants, Bar Pitti in Soho.

If you’ve not watched the scantily clad (he only wears an apron) chef, I’d suggest you check it out. I made his Paccheri Con Gamberi a couple of weeks ago and it was both easy and delicious.