BosGuy cooks: Gnocchi

This week I’m mixing things up a bit by sharing a video of Sergio cooking (and me helping) that was filmed in our kitchen back in 2011 as part of a guest blog post he did for my friend Tracey who writes Life. Food. Wine.

This is the first time I’ve watched the video in years and a lot has changed. Sergio and I have a few more wrinkles for sure, new appliances and countertops as well, but what hasn’t changed is Sergio’s love of gnocchi with a rich, creamy (preferably) red sauce. This makes for a heavy meal better suited for the late fall and winter but I wanted to share this as part of my weekly recipes and hope you enjoy the video format.

Sergio is a natural on the camera but instructions that come in the form of temperatures, time, and quantities can be a bit vague. Below I’ve done my best to capture the ingredients you will need to make the gnocchi. For a quality red sauce to accompany this dish I’ll refer you to my January post, BosGuy cooks: Tomato sauce.

INGREDIENTS: Ingredient quantities are a guesstimate based on what was shared in the video below.

  • One package of Yukon Gold potatoes
  • Grated Parmesean and Pecorino Romano cheese
  • Flour
  • 2-3 eggs
  • Salt and dried Italian seasonings

COOKING: Watch Sergio make homemade gnocchi below. He includes tips on how to make, roll, cut and cook the gnocchi. While it can be a little messy, it is worth the time and effort.

2 responses to “BosGuy cooks: Gnocchi

  1. That looks delicious!


  2. Love seeing this video again. Miss you both ❤️



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