BosGuy cooks: Fancy avocado & toast

My trainer has been encouraging me to eat healthier. I have a fairly healthy diet but there is room to impove, and this is one breakfast I make regularly that gets two thumbs up from him so I thought I’d share it since it is easy to make and always delicious. Avocado & toast is a popular breakfast in the US, but everyone does it a bit differently. This is avocado & toast à la BosGuy.

Ingredients required: 1 ripe avocado, fresh whole wheat bread (or whatever is your preference), 2 eggs, tomato, butter, salt and pepper. For best results, the avocado and tomato should be room temperature.

Start by adding butter to the frying pan to prevent the eggs from sticking. Butter seems to work better, but using oil is a bit of a healthier option. Fry the eggs over medium heat and toast the bread. While the toast is toasting and the eggs are fryn’, open the avocado, remove the pit and set aside. Then cut four thin slices from a ripe tomato. When the toast is ready, scoop out the avocado and with your fork and use its tines to mash so it completely covers your toast and then add the tomato. Sparingly sprinkle salt and pepper on both avocado and tomato so everything is seasoned. Then take your eggs out of the pan and place them atop the avocado and tomato (season again as you like – I add fresh dill, salt and pepper) and serve as an open-faced sandwich.

Hints / Tips: I like to wait a minute or two before eating because if the tomatos are sliced thinly the butter and warmth of the egg will slightly soften and cook the tomato. I cook eggs so they will be very runny and the yolk will mix with the avocado, tomato and crunch of the toast so napkins are a must. A strong cup of fresh brewed coffee is the perfect accompanyment.


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