Santa Speedo Run video makes the rounds

Boston’s Santa Speedo Run, which took place this past Saturday is always one of my favorite posts and this year it proved to be a favorite of gay bloggers  as well.  Thank you to Wicked Gay Blog, DanNation, and Back2Stonewall for quickly reposting the video over the weekend.

Last night I found out that Towleroad which had posted my 2010 video gave me a shout out as well and posted the Santa Speedo Run video, causing my humble blog to see its traffic nearly triple in traffic.

Thank you to WGB, DanNation, Back2Stonewall and Towleroad.  If you happen to see other bloggers posting this video, please let me know in the comments section so I may send them a quick thank you.

3 responses to “Santa Speedo Run video makes the rounds

  1. Just another GREAT reason to visit Beantown.
    I think I like watching this more than the Boston Marathon 😉


  2. Thanks for sharing it with us!!! I have to make sure I go next year, we can have drinks post run!


  3. Mark R. Anderson

    posted on my Facebook and have had a bunch of guys sharing your video. Thanks for showing us some FUN SPIRIT!!!!



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