Toys for Joys (T4J) Party in Boston

This past Saturday was the annual Toys for Joys (a.k.a. T4J) event in Boston. T4J is a non-profit event/organization dedicated to providing toys and gifts for underprivileged children during the holiday season.  It happens to be one of the best holiday parties I attend and this year’s program didn’t disappoint.

It’s hard to say how many men attend this event which is overwhelmingly (although not exclusively) gay, but I would guess close to a thousand guys attend.  The program is either a perfect place to start your evening or as a second stop on what is always a popular night (the 2nd Saturday of December).

There was no way I could collect enough pictures from the event and many of my photographs unfortunately did not come out as I had hoped (mental note, vodka + BosGuy = crappy pictures). However here is a sampling of some of the gracious attendees who paused to pose for me and my trusty companion Sergio.

I have not seen any reports on how many gifts or attendees visited the event this past weekend, but you can learn more about the program by visiting their site,

One response to “Toys for Joys (T4J) Party in Boston

  1. Christopher Nash

    The boys did a fantastic job this year, as in years past! Had a blast! Thanks!!!



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