Restaurant review: Tu Y Yo

Tu Y Yo (You and Me) is located just outside of Davis Square in Somerville.  The nondescript exterior is matched by a casual, rustic atmosphere when you walk in.  At first glance the place is nothing special, but that changes once you try the food.

On our first visit we met the owner. When we asked him why his restaurant did not serve chips and salsa he said this was not common in Mexico City and assured us we wouldn’t want to fill up on corn chips when there were so many other tempting appetizers.  Although I do love chips and salsa, I had to agree the starters we devoured were delicious.We started our meal with Empanadas de Plátano Macho con Queso $7.50 which are plantain turnovers filled with cheese.  The lightly fried starter depicted top left was creamy and almost dessert-like.  The Jalapeños Maria Luisa pictured just below (named after a member of the family no doubt) was also $7.50. These offered a nice contrast adding a bit of spice to the meal.  Although you can order beer, wine (and the sangria is quite good by the way), depicted above on the right is a traditional iced tea made with hisbiscus water.

For dinner I ordered the Chile Relleno en Nogada for $18.95.  This is a poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, almonds, raisins, covered in a sweet creamy sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate and cilantro. The meal was also accompanied by sides of rice and beans.  The ground beef in the pepper was well seasoned, offering something savory to  offset the creamy sauce, sweet raisins, pomegranate and almonds. Once I started, I couldn’t help myself and devoured the meal entirely.

If you are dieting do not even bother coming to Tu Y Yo, but if you are hankering for authentic Mexican cuisine from a no nonsense, attitude free restaurant check out this fonda at 858 Broadway – Somerville, MA.

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  1. This is my sixth time to your site, I love it every time!



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