Taye Diggs

Ever since seeing Idina Menzel perform on the Atlantis Cruise earlier this month I’ve found myself thinking about her very handsome husband, Taye Diggs.

I remember the first time I ever saw him in the late 90s movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back where he played the role of the young, Jamaican lover of the much older Stella Payne played by Angela Bassett.  His career has spanned television, movies and Broadway. It was his role in a little off Broadway musical called Rent where he met his wife, Idina.  Taye has recently added the role of father when his son was born a few years ago.  His new role as Dad has done nothing to diminish his sex appeal and he continues to distract me.

3 responses to “Taye Diggs

  1. He is so dam hot!


  2. I concur … Wasn’t he a model for awhile too?


  3. I diggs Mr Taye.



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