Restaurant review: Equator

Equator is a family-owned and operated Thai restaurant in the South End near the corner of Washington and W. Springfield Streets that first opened in 2004 and has persevered but never prospered.

After making a few visits, I’ve concluded Equator’s misfortune is that its not remarkable, and there are better options for Thai just blocks away.  The good news is that if you are ever in a jam you can always get a table and that the staff is consistently polite and helpful.

Tom Yum Soup – Thai hot and sour shrimp soup $4.95Unfortunately the soup shown above lacked any of the heat and flavoring its name would imply and tasted more like broth with mushrooms and shrimp.  Dinner (shown below) proved to be more flavorful and my plate (lower left) did have the heat as I requested.

My dinner, a house favorite, was the Cashew Nut stir fry which I asked to be made spicy and be accompanied with tofu ($11.95). Unlike the soup, this plate had a bit of heat and did not disappoint. The other plate, another house favorite, Pad Thai ($10.95) was also satisfying.

Cashew Nut Tofu Stir Fry ($11.95)              Pad Thai ($10.95)Despite serving what I’ll refer to as mediocre Thai, Equator does provide consistently friendly service and is an affordable neighborhood option.

Equator 1721 Washington Street  (617) 617-6386

Equator on Urbanspoon


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