Restaurant review: Talula’s Garden in Philadelphia

On a recent business trip to Philadelphia I had dinner at Talula’s Garden  a fantastic restaurant in Philadelphia’s Washington Square that provides a whimsical atmosphere and relaxed dining experience.

Cheese lovers should try one of Talula’s six different cheese platters, which range from $14-$20 and are a great start or finish to any meal.  Below is “Bring on the Funk” which includes six delicious cheeses with truffle honey for some added decadence.  Since we were sharing this, I only sampled the humboldt fog, a goat’s cheese from California, which was creamy and pungent. Below the cheese is the starter I ordered, raw line-caught tuna with roasted baby carrots, whipped avocado, endive and sun flower seeds for $14.  It proved to be refreshing and light – a perfect start to my dinner.  The whipped avocado was such a delicious accompaniment I practically scraped my plate to get every last bit.

Some of the meals served appeared quite small (notably the house special), but my dinner was ample and every bit as delicious as the description: sliced, roasted hanger steak with potato puree, maitake mushrooms, sweet candy onions in a classic French sauce made of dry red wine, bone marrow, butter,  and shallots called a Bordelaise-sauce.  No matter what you call it the dinner was perfectly cooked and may be the best I’ve had in recent memory.Executive Chef, Sean McPaul, managed to woo and seduce my taste buds and gave me my first memorable dinner in the city of Brotherly Love.  If you are looking for a place to try in Philadelphia I’d strongly recommend making reservations at Talula’s Garden.

Taluala’s Garden: 210 W. Washington Square / (215) 592-7787

Talula's Garden on Urbanspoon


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