Restaurant review: 28 Degrees

bosguySo named because it is the ideal temperature to serve a martini, this restaurant has a sophisticated vibe that is immediately apparent upon entering.  This restaurant which has had more than its share of rumors of pending sales and closings has been popular since it first opened in 2006.

Relaxing music with images of waves crashing and subdued lighting give way to very comfortable booths, a large bar and additional seating nooks that make you want to order a bottle of champagne tray of  oysters.  At least that is what I always have the urge to do.


On this visit for dinner, I opted for something more substantial.  The dinner menu is divided into raw bar, pizzas, small plates, and large plates (of which there are only four).  The good news is that the “small plates” are not all that small.  Depicted below is the Burrata with arugula, mushrooms, truffle oil and toasts ($12) as well as the Crispy Calamari which also include pickled cherry peppers, arugula and lemon aoli on the side ($15).

It is hard to say which I enjoyed more since they could not have been more different.  The burrata was cool and creamy.  Conversely, the calamari was crispy and the pickled cherry peppers added a bit of heat. Ordering these starters was the dining equivalent of Yin and Yang… complete opposites but very satisfying because of their contrasts.BosGuy

For dinner Sergio ordered the seared strip steak which came with potato, asparagus and roasted red radishes ($29).  The meat was perfectly cooked and nicely presented. I’m not a huge fan of red meat, but I thought the dinner was as appealing to the eye as it was to the palate.  28 Degrees also has five different pizzas. I opted for the wild mushroom pizza with manchego, herb ricotta and arugula ($15). I love the combination of the sharp and creamy Spanish and Italian cheeses, which smother the liberal sampling of mushrooms.BosGuy

28 Degrees is at 1 Appleton Street in Boston’s South End

Reservations for dinner are strongly recommended

28 Degrees on Urbanspoon


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