Would you still love me if I were gay?

Last week I wrote a post Hey Pops! Would you still love me if I were gay?  I wrote this after seeing this image in my neighborhood.  This poignant “post card” stopped me dead in my tracks, which is exactly what the Boston artists who created this public art was hoping.

Boston artists use their medium to raise awareness

This poster and others similar to it sprouted up in some of Boston’s neighborhoods shortly after President Obama expressed support for same sex marriage.  Technically these posters are considered graffiti, but I hope the city keeps them up as they convey an important reminder and will hopefully spark the conversation the artists are intentionally provoking.

Much thanks to Sol who left a comment in my original post tipping me off about this local campaign. You can read more about this artistic crusade to raise awareness and increase dialog in an article penned by the Boston Globe here.


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