Weekend at Lake Winnipesaukee

Four years ago my family built a second home on Lake Winnipesaukee just a few miles from the center of Wolfboro.  The house is large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone, which makes the home ideal for family gatherings like we had this past weekend.

The weather all weekend in central NH was beautiful with the exception of some brief rainfall that came through early in the evening on Saturday after we had spent the day at the beach and went for a ride on Dad’s new toy.  I spent the weekend relaxing with family and eating far too much.

Mom and Dad

My nephews hamming it up wearing our sunglasses

Abby posing pretty

4 responses to “Weekend at Lake Winnipesaukee

  1. Beautiful family, looks like a great place to relax….



  2. You look like your Dad…a handsome man.
    Your Mom and Dad look so content…nothing like having all your children around for them!


  3. How lovely. I miss your family. It might be time for a visit 🙂


  4. Family is SO important…thank you for sharing yours with us! Your nephews are SO cute….!



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