Fitness tips from Kris Kranzky

Personal FitnessFor the past month I’ve been posting fitness tips from my trainer Kris Kranzky from the Boston Sports Club in the South End.

This week he shares his workout routine. Kris works out for five days and rests for two; his routine typically includes: Monday/ Chest; Tuesday/ Back; Wednesday/ Legs; Thursday/ Shoulders; Friday/ Arms.

Before each workout Kris starts with a 20-minute cardio, using a high intensity interval training setting on a bike or treadmill; followed by 40 minutes of weight training.  His goal is to complete approximately 120 reps per muscle group meaning if he does four sets of four exercises he would do 8-10 reps per set to 8 x 4 x 4 = 128 reps.

2 responses to “Fitness tips from Kris Kranzky

  1. Cardio and weight lifting are the two main workouts that you can do to for weight lose and toning your muscles. Make your workout plan such that for at least three days a week you do cardio exercise. Also lift weights at least two or three days a week for optimal benefits to tone muscles and help boost metabolism. Building lean muscle mass means your body will burn calories faster, because lean muscle burns calories faster than fat through. So here your main aim is to burn more calories.


  2. Sounds like a great routine, thanks for the post. I haven’t tried doing cardio before lifting it sounds like it would be hard at first but a great workout.



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