BosGuy summer fitness goals

Boston GuyLate last month my trainer asked me what sort of fitness goals I wanted to attain.  Aside from stating vague goals like building muscle mass and eating more healthy, I committed to do my best to try and get in 3 cardio routines a week and to get two solid lifting work outs with him each week.

Last week I was in Provincetown away from both my gym and trainer.  I was not able to get to the gym, but I did get in 3 30-minute runs which proved to be quite difficult due to the hot, hot weather. However, in light of the lack of time at the gym and my glutinous streak I’m now working to make up for lost time at the gym.   Here is tangible evidence of my 3-runs from last week.

Have you set any fitness goals lately?

4 responses to “BosGuy summer fitness goals

  1. glutinous
    sticky: having a sticky consistency
    “glutinous rice”

    Gluttonous streak? Of course, it was Ptown, it may have been glutinous.


  2. Looking great, my friend! When do we see you in that speedo? 😉


  3. to look as good as you! It’ll never happen thou.



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