Fitness tips from Kris Kranzky

Fitness TipsKris Kranzky, my personal trainer at The Boston Sports Club in the South End,  each week shares some fitness tips to help motivate and encourage people like me struggling to get into better shape.

This week’s tip revolves around the importance of cardiovascular exercise.  According to Kris,  this is essential if you want to reach your maximum potential. Some of the ways that cardio training helps includes: weight managment, increasing bone mineral density and increasing your metabolism.

If you combine cardio and weight training in a single session, Kris suggests starting with cardio. This will make you less likely to shorten or cut out your cardio exercises and it helps warm the body to prepare you for your weight training.  To keep your cardio sessions interesting set goals for yourself; this can include time, speed or the types of running exercises.  One of Kris’ favorites is interval training.  Jog for one minute followed by a one minute sprint that is approximately 50-60% faster (e.g. on a treadmill one minute at 6.0 followed by one minute at 10.0).  Repeat this ten times for a total of 20 minutes.


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