Fitness regimen

work out regimenI occasionally blog about my attempts to get into better shape and struggles with remaining motivated.  Starting last week my trainer and I changed my work out routine.

In lieu of meeting twice a week for a one hour we will now meet three times a week.  Once a week we will have a one hour session focusing on my back and chest, and twice a week we shall meet for thirty minutes;  one session will focus on arms and one session will focus on shoulders.

I like the idea of splitting one of my one hour sessions.  In theory, this will make sure that these muscle groups will get more attention.  As time permits,  I’m hoping to incorporate cardio either before or after the shorter work outs.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  What are you doing? Any tips or suggestions are always welcome.

7 responses to “Fitness regimen

  1. Crossfit… In two months I saw more significant changes than I had in an entire year, esp along my midsection. That coupled with low intensity cardio gave me great results…


  2. I wanted to thank you for helping me get in touch with your personal trainer Kris through one of the older posts. He is been very good to say the least! I am definitely seeing the results! Also, great blog!


  3. I typically work out in short sessions, no more than a half hour a day, because I get discouraged if I hammer at it for any longer. I learned this method from reading “The Truth About Six Pack Abs,” which is obviously focused on helping you develop abs, but it also has an effective system for helping you stay motivated to work out. My review of “Six Pack Abs” is at my website.


  4. I doing crossfit training! It’s short, intense and I keep sweating even after I shower! It’s good fun as well!
    I also do a fair bit of power yoga to balance things off!



  5. I am so undisciplined. I need to get back into a routine but someone offers me wine and then, well then its all over :). You are very good!


  6. Set a goal. Best motivation of all. Sign up for a race.



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