Ink Block developers announce Whole Foods coming to South End

The Ink Block refers to the 6 acres that was the long-time home to the Boston Herald. The newspaper has since moved their headquarters to the Seaport District, and a developer has renamed the property the Ink Block with plans to demolish the existing buildings and erect new ones ranging 5-9 stories.Boston Herald South End headquartersPlans include nearly five hundred apartments, space for several retail and restaurants and as of last week a Whole Foods grocery store. The chain confirmed last week that they had signed a long-term lease to have a 50,000 square foot store, making it the largest in Boston. The store is expected to open in 2014.

This “No Man’s Land” sits beside two major highways (I-90 and I-93), and will be a welcome addition to both The South End and Chinatown which is just across the Mass Pike.  The development has spurred interest in other properties abutting the Ink Block.


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